Power of One

About Power of One

  • Established to promote public awareness of music study benefits
  • Invites individuals or organizations to honor a person who has made an impact on their music study
  • Challenges teachers to achieve higher goals in influencing others towards music study

Download and submit the Power of One form (find it at the bottom of this page) to honor a special person and make your own impact on music study through the Power of One fund. Honorees will be entered in KMTA's Book of Remembrance which is displayed at state conferences.

Power of One Honorees

Dr. Gordon Terwilliger
Frances A. Wallingford
Nelle O. Taylor
Dr. Robert Steinbauer
Mary Ann Saulmon
Marjorie Cogswell
Marguerite Miller
Verda Jones Billips Pfeifer
Ida Dafee Hardy
Nell Hoyle
Betty Watt
Nell Taylor
Esther Wessel Farmer
Naomi Bauer
Sister Susanna Collister
Jo Stimson
Joan Wellman
Elaina Duncan
Judy Plagge
Pat Ziegelmeier
Lesta Anderson
Della Cranmer
Dee Ann Brown
Rosamund Nyman
Jeanette Waters
Virginia Downing
Lois Moon
Mary Hanson
Mildred Finfrock
Dora Zemp
Robyn Gibson
Naegeli Metcalf
Linda Stogner
Jane Magrath
Margaret Gillespie Vogel
Mr. and Mrs R. A. Fischer
Ruth Lighter
Mary Ann Hanschu
Sharon Kriss
Jan Shumway
Mary Jo Kurtz
Sharon Montgomery
Bernice Schoneweis
Dr. Carole Ross
John Huber
Dr. Jack Winerock
Betty Werner
Kathy Judd
Judith Fear
David Tauscher
Sylvia Coats
Linda Featherston
Nancy Blockcolsky
Marles Dudley
Mara Balke
Melody Stroth
Paul Reed
Jennifer Fink
Julie Watson
Slawomir Dobrzanski
Betty Todd Smith
J Bradley Baker
Annetta Smith
Timothy Shook
David Tauscher
Emily Yeh