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Music Progressions

Music Progressions Chair

Karla Conner

Music Progressions: A Comprehensive Musicianship Program for Piano

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About Music Progressions

Music Progressions is designed to be a suggested curriculum of independent music study. This curriculum is coupled with an annual evaluation sponsored by KMTA local associations and/or groups of KMTA teachers.

This noncompetitive program consists of ten progressive levels. Each level requires proficiency in performance, music terminology, rhythm and pulse development, sight-playing, scales, written theory, and ear-training. Students may enter any level. Participation is not based on year in school or years of music study. The test provides a music event evaluating the progressive growth of ALL students - those studying music as a hobby as well as those aspiring to enter the music world professionally.

Many teachers find that they are already teaching the concepts contained in the curriculum. Music Progressions simply keeps the teacher and student accountable for learning the concepts in a progressive and timely manner. Music Progressions provides valuable feedback for teachers, students, and parents through a written evaluation and individual scores in each area. Students also receive a certificate of participation.

Enrollment Form and fees

Music Progressions fees have been standardized at $20 fee participants in each level. You may download and use the KMTA Music Progressions Enrollment Form. Not all districts use this form. Please contact your event chair to find out which form to use. Non-KMTA members must pay the scheduled entrance fee per student and a $40 non-member fee per student up to three students entered. The cumulative non-member fee of $120 will cover three or more entered students.

Curriculum Guide and Handbook Available for Free Download!

The requirements for each of the levels are outlined in the Music Progressions Curriculum Guide. The 2009 edition of the Curriculum Guide is available here for downloading. There is no fee for downloading and printing any of the materials for use with your students. You will need to use a high quality printer for best results. There is a fee for printing and postage if you prefer to order printed copies (see Resources below).

The Music Progressions Resource Handbook contains over 100 pages of materials for teachers' use in organizing an event, charts and reference sheets for the teachers and the students, and reproducible teaching aids. The 2009 edition of the Resource Handbook may be downloaded here, or ordered (see Resources below). >> Download Music Progressions Resource Handbook


The requirements for each of the levels are outlined in the Music Progressions Curriculum Guide, which can be obtained for $10. Also available is the Music Progressions Resource Handbook. This book helps teachers prepare their students for the event and can be purchased for $12.

To order, make checks payable to KMTA and mail to:
Pat Ziegelmeier
2154 County Rd. 27
Gem, KS 67734



Kansas City Music Teachers Association
Dates: April 23-24
Location: Village Music Academy (Kansas City)
Dates: April 9-10
Location: South Middle School(Lawrence)
Deadline for both: March 7
Coordinator: Veronica Nalley
Contact Email:


Newton Music Teachers Association
Date: April 9
Location: Bethel College (Newton)
Deadline: March 9
Coordinators: Carol Klingenberg, Karla Conner
Contact email:


Wichita Metropolitan Music Teachers Association
Dates: April 30-May 1
Location: WSU - Duerksen Fine Arts Building (Wichita)
Deadline: March 12
Coordinator: Marlene Hallstrom
Contact email:


South Central Kansas Music Teachers Association
Dates: April 16
Location: Woodlawn United Methodist Church (Derby)
Deadline: March 11
Coordinators: Annetta Smith
Contact email:


Date: May 14
Location: Central Christian College (McPherson)
Deadline: April 14
Coordinator: Brett Janssen
Contact email:

If you have questions,
contact your local coordinator
or Karla Conner
KMTA Music Progressions Chair

2016 Report

Many hours of work are under way for 2016 Music Progressions. What an exciting time for our students!

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to get encouragement from other teachers and to be tested on what they know in their level. It is such a great experience. If you are not very familiar with Music Progressions, feel free to ask any questions you may have. You could also go to one of the scheduled progressions around the area and observe how it is run and see what all is involved.

We have 5 locations this year to choose from. Hope you are able to join the Music Progressions excitement at one of those locations.

Karla Conner