Betty Smith's Music Studio


Betty Todd Smith

Location: Olathe
Zip: 66061
Phone: 913-492-0083


Welcome to Betty Smith's Music Studio!

Playing the piano is a wonderful skill. Not only does it involve basic muscle coordination, reading ability, musicality, discipline, and diligent work, but also includes a sense of creativity, achievement, enjoyment, and appreciation for music in general. Recent research indicates that the study of piano can enhance brain development and activity, especially in young children.

This teacher's approach to music study seeks to develop the whole child, to help unfold his/her natural potential to learn and become a happy and good person. The main goal is not only to produce accomplished musical pianists, but to help every student find the joy that comes through music-making. Students thrive in an environment of support, developing confidence and self-esteem, the determination to try difficult things, self-discipline, concentration, a lasting enjoyment of music, and sensitivity and skill for making music.

"Music is the language of the heart without words." Dr. Suzuki